Cloisonné and Enamel

Flower vase (a pair)


Daoguang period (1821-1852)

H: 40 cm




A Fine pair of Mandarin Ducks in Cloisonne,

used as cencers,

Guangxu period (1875-1908)

L: 25 cm





Cloisonne vase.

Brass with polychrome decor on blue ground.

China, 18th-19th century. H: 35 cm.





Japanese Box (Lock ask)

with enamel decoration,

flowers and butterflies

Meiji Period (1868-1912)

L: 15,5 cm


Depicting Dragons

D: 20,2 cm


Cantonese Container, Enamelled

Depicting Figures and Flowers

Qianlong, 1770

D: 7,4 cm

Fine, Enemelled Cantonese Container

Depicting Figures and Landscape

Qianlong, 1770

D: 9,4 cm

A Fine Cantonese Enamelled Dish

with Figures and Landscape

Qianlong, 1760

D: 15,4 cm

A Pair of Very Fine Cantonese Dishes

Enamelled, depicting figures

Seal on the backside

Qianlong 177o




Cantonese Bowl, Enamelled

Depicting Flowers

Qianlong, 1770

D: 9,1 cm


Cantonese Container


depicting various symbols


D: 9,7 cm

Cloisonne Belt Buckle

Guangxu (1875-1908)

Measure : 7,3 x 4,7 cm

A pair of Cloisonne Bowls

stand on 3 feet,

Depicting a Dragon

Guangxu (1875-1908)

D: 7,2 cm

Cloisonne Brush

Quangxu, Qing Dynasty, 1888


L:25,5 cm


Cloisonne Bowl

Depicting Flowers

Guang Xu,  Ø: 20,5 cm


Cloisonne Container


H: 23 cm




Cloisonne Jar

The  Lid Depicting a Dog/Beast

Daoguang (1820-1850)

H: 20,8 cm




Cloisonne Jar

The  Lid depicting  a Dog/Beast

Daoguang (Qing)


H: 20,7 cm





Cloissone Vase, a pair

Foenix and Dragon Pattern

Middle Qing Dynasty

H: 25 cm

Cloisonne Vessels with Dragons

Qing Dynasty

H: 18,9 cm, D: 21,5 cm


Cloisonne Vessel/Container

Middle Qing

H:25,6 cm, D: 17,9 cm