Candle light stick

Qianlong Emperor
Manchu-led Qing Dynasty,
18,5 cm, (3400 USD)




Double figure father/son

Kāngxī Emperor,
Qing dynasty,
ca.10 cm

(1700 USD)




Hexagonal Dish/Bowl

Guangxu Period (1875-1908)

(D:22cm), ( 1550 USD)



Guangxu Period (1875-1908)


( 2500 USD)




Porcelain Vase

Kang Xi 1600

Underglaze blue decoration in the form of flowers.

H: 43,5 cm





A pair of porcelain vases with millefiori decoration.

China,  1900 c.

H: 45




Dragon and Phoenix Vase


Guangxu, 1874-1908

H: 39 cm,    (4900 USD)

A Pair of Candlesticks

Reproduction, Wan-Li (1573-1620)


(650 USD)



Pair of porcelain vases.

Square shape decorated with figures in landscape.

Kang Xi, 17th century. H. 26.5 cm.



Blue Mug for Tea

Export porcelain, 1820

(H:15, D:11cm), (2600USD)






Brush Holder


Wan-Li (1573-1620)

H: 23,5 cm





Fine Daoguang Vase

Daoguang period (1821-1850)

(H: without the lamp shade 42 cm)

(3200 USD)


Happy Buddha


(H: 24cm)

(650 USD)








A fine Cizhou Bowl

Song Dynasty (960-1127)

D:18 cm

(2200 USD)

Fine Sang De Boeuf Glazed Vase

Daoguang period (1821-1852)

(H: 46 cm)

(4200 USD)







Song Dynasti (960 -1127)

(H: 15 cm)

(3300 USD)



Wine Carafe

Song Dynasti (960- 1127)

(H: 19 cm)






Wine Carafe

Song Dynasti (960-1127)

(H: 14 cm)

(3300 USD)




Wine Carafe

Song Dynasti (960-1127)

(H: 17 cm)

(3300 USD)





Fine Coral Porcelain Bojan

Guangxu Period (1875-1908)

(H: 20 cm)

(1500 USD)



Brush vase, coral porcelain

with chrome red decoration in the form of flowers


H: 26.5 cm





Big Vase/ Jar , coral porcelain

Guangxu period

(1875 – 1908)

H: 44 cm

(4200 USD)




Hexagonal Vessel

Guangxu Period (1875-1908)

(H: 14 cm, D: 10 cm)

(960 USD)




A Fine blue glazed standing Scholar/Mandarin

Daoguang periode (1821-1850)

H:35 cm, (4500 USD)






Fine blue and white lotus plate

Daoguang periode (1821-1852)

D: 39 cm, (2500 USD)



Two porcelain plates. Blue underglaze decor in shape of dragons.

Marked with six characters. China, c. 1900.D: 21 cm



A plate with polychrome decoration

in the form of lying dog.


D: 13 cm






Dish with Celadon Glaze

Decoration with Geometric pattern

China 1800 ct.

D: 37 cm, (1200 USD)


Dish with Celadon Glaze

Relief – Decoration with Dragon

China 1800 ct.

D: 27 cm,  (1650 USD)


Bojan of Porcelain

Bojan made of Porcelain with under glaze decoration in blue.

China 1700 ct.

H: 16 cm, (1900 USD)


Bojan of Porcelain

with underglaze decoration in blue

China, Daoguang period

(1821- 1850)

H : 20 cm

(1450 USD)


with Qinglong mark (seal)  (1736-1796)

Guangxu period (1875-1909)

Ø: 18 cm

H: 18 cm


Figurine “Blanc De Chine”

with smaller notch on the right hand fingers

China 1800 ct.

H: 33 cm, (3500 USD)


Blanc De Chine Figure

Guanyin with two wise men.





Blanc De Chine Figure

Guanyin, 1850

H:21 cm

(2100 USD)

Blanc De Chine Figure

Guanyin, 1850

(1200 USD)

Blanc De Chine

Guanyin,  1850

H: 20 cm


Blanc De Chine

Guanyin with a child

1850, H: 22 cm

( 1500 USD)

Blanc De Chine

Guanying with a Beast

Green celadon

Middle Qing

H: 55 cm





“Export Porcelain ” Dish

Decorated in underglaze blue

Qianlong 1790/ Kangxi 1700

D: 23 cm

(960 USD)

Chinese Porcelain Dish

in underglaze blue, decorated with flowers/plant

including graphic characters also on the bottom

Daoguang  1820-1850

D:15 cm,   (650USD)

Porcelain Plate

Decorated in underglaze blue with flower/plant arrangement

Qianlong, 1790

D: 23 cm,  (480 USD)

Porcelain Vase

Decorated in color showing 8 men,

seals and graphic characters.

A seal in bottom.

Early Republic, H: 20 cm

(2300 USD)

Lid/Top of a Brush Holder

Porcelain decorated in under glaze blue with

flowers/plant arrangement and

inscription/graphic characters

1800 Jiaqing,    H: 11 cm, ( 480 USD)


Porcelain decorated in color

with Flowers,

Qianlong 1790

H:18 cm, (2400 USD)

Vase  with a Blue motiv

Daoguan or earlier age

Characters on the bottom

H: 22,7 cm, (2950 USD)

Very Fine Vessel “Peking Glas”

Overlayed, 3 seals, depicting a beast

flowers and butterflies.

The seal in the bottom .

Daoguang (1820-1850)

H: 21,7 (with lid), (5600 USD)

Pasta Bowl for Stample

Depicting 2 storks

19th Century

characters under the lid

D: 7,9 cm, (150 USD)

Duck Dish”Daoguang (1820-1850)

with Bats and Peaches,

Mesures: 26,7 x 20,3 cm, (2400 USD)

Pasta Bowl for Stamples,  depicting a Dragon and Clouds

Guangxu (1875-1908)

Seal in the Bottom, D: 8,9 cm, ( 290 USD)

Turkish   Vase, 1800

Ottoman  Empire


Ceramic, H: 12 cm, ( 1000 USD)

Brush (Pencil) Wash Bowl,


Daoguang (1820-1850)

Measure: 12,5 cm

Rhino Cups

4 pieces, Blanc-de-Chine

Dauguang  (1820-1850)

Measures:  Ø 13,3cm, Ø 8,10 cm, Ø 8,10 cm, Ø 7,9 cm

Insence Burner

Dauguang (Qing), (1820-1850)

Measures: 6 x 6 cm



Porcelain Celadon

Crackled Glaze

Seal on the Bottom

H: 20 cm


Dragon and Phoenix  Vase

Daoguang (1820-1050)

Characters on the Bottom

H: 33 cm

Ø: 25 cm

Two Sausers Depicting Flowers

“IMARI”, Chien Lung (1736-1795), Japan

(From a tea set), Ø : 11,5 cm

Six tea cups, “IMARI”  Depicting Flowers,

Chien Lung (1736 – 1795), Japan, Ø: 4 cm

Fine Vase,

With Eight immortals and Flowers

Unique colour,Glazed porcelain

Middle Qing

H: 20,5 cm




Fine Vase with Dragons

Glazed Porcelain

Middle Qing Dynasty

H: 24,7 cm