Inkstones, Brushes, Brushwashers and Brushholders

Ink- stone with calligraphy

China, 1800 ct







Ink-stone with calligraphy

China, 1800 ct.





Ink-stones, 3 pieces

with decoration of 100 playing

Children and Calligraphy  with remains of Gilding

China  1800 ct.

H: 10-13 cm












with Qinglong mark (seal)  (1736-1796)

Guangxu period (1875-1909)

Ø: 18 cm

H: 18 cm


Brush Holder


Wan-Li (1573-1620)

H: 23,5 cm


A Fine shaped-root Brush Pot

Daoguang (1821-1850)

(D:18-21 cm)

Squared Rare  Brushholder

with fine carved Figures

Glazed Porcelain

Qing Dynasty, Daoguang period

Measurement 15 x 12  cm

4 feet stand



Fine Green Jade Brushwasher

Middle Qing

H: 15,9 cm



Green Glasswear Brushholder,

Four Seasons

Measurement 10,9 x 8,9 cm



Blue-White Brushholder

depicting Fugures and Landscape

Glazed Porcelain

Measurements 14,5 x 9,7 cm

Qing Dynasty

Coral colour Brushholder

Glazed porcelain

Depicting Birds and Flowers

Measurements: 14,5 cm x 9,7 cm

Stone Brushholder with carving

depicting bamboo, flowers, palm tree

Natural colored

H: 11,1 cm




Inside painted Brushwasher

Porcelain, Middle Quing

D: 11,5 cm

Set of 2 Paint Brushes

with Cloisonne Schaft

Daoguang (1820-1850)

Qing Dynasty,  L: 37 cm

Paint Brush with Characters


Guangxu, Qing Dynasty (1875-1908), L: 23 cm

Cloisonne Brush

Quangxu, Qing Dynasty, 1888


L:25,5 cm

Brush, made og Stingray

Daoguang (1820-1850), L: 40,5 cm

Brush, made of Tortoise

Daoguang (1820-1850), L: 45,5 cm