Snuff Bottles

Shuff Bottle of Carved Bone

Picturing God of Longevity and Minion

Early Republic

H: 6,1 cm

Fine, Inside Painted Snuff Bottle

Portrayed a Mandarin and Landscape

19 th century

H:6,1 cm



A nice purple -color on lay Snuff Bottle

with Scaly Bats portrayed against the

Milky White Ground.

19th century

H:5,1 cm


A Fine, red overlay Snuff Bottle

with portrait of two figures against

a sand White background

19th century

H:10,7 cm

Porcelaine Snuff Bottle

Square shaped  body

depicting birds on both sides

Early Republic

H: 5,9 cm





Porcelaine Snuff Bottle

Square shaped body

Depicting birds on both sides

Early Republic

H:6,0 cm


A nice Black -color on lay

transulent Snuff Bottle

with scaly bats

19th century

H: 5,1 cm


Honey-Brown Agate

Snuff Bottle

with scattered  Black ornaments

Qianlong Period

H: 5,3 cm (without lid)


Rare Snuff Bottle, Tibet

Silver with Jade decoration

and turquiose coral stones

19th Century

H: 7 cm


Rare Squre shaped Body

Snuff Bottle


Depicting birds and

branch in blossom

19th Century

H: 6,5 cm


Fine, inside paintet glass

Snuff Bottle

with scenary of lake, mountains,

rocks and jardiniere

19th Century

H: 7,2 cm


Fine enamelled

Snuff Bottle

Depicting a Crane and


19th Century

H:5,7 cm

Rare enameled Snuff Bottle

with  Rocks and Water scene

19th Century

H: 6,1 cm



Fine, cylindrical porcelaine

Snuff Bottle with a Figurine

in the Garden and Characters

on the side and bottom of the bottle

19th Century

H: 7,6 cm



Fine, Flattened, Spade-Shaped

Snuff Bottle

Porcelain, depicting Mountains, Water

and Trees (Landscape)

Seals in bottom

19th Century

H: 5,8 cm

Very Fine and Rare Jade

Snuff Bottle  with inclusions

late  18/19th Century

H: 5,9 cm




Fine, Squat Snuff Bottle of

Flattened spade shape

Cantonese with Figures in the Garden


19th Century

H: 4,9 cm


Very fine Pilgrim Shaped

Porcelain Snuff Bottle

Depicting a Figure and

Chineese Characters

19th Century

Seal in the bottom

H: 6,9 cm

Rounded Snuff Bottle

Bulging toward base with

long, narrow neck.


depicting Frogs and Flowers

Characters in the bottom

19th Century

H: 7,2 cm

Pear-shaped porcelaine

Snuff Bottle with

Figures catching  Bats

Seal in the Bottom

19th Century

H: 7,6 cm

Rare, Crackled Porcelain

Snuff Bottle,  with a

Figure on a Crane and

Characters on the side

and the  bottom.

19th Century

H: 6,1 cm

Fine, Milk  Glass Snuff Bottle

with Flowers and Birds

Characters in the bottom

H: 5,4 cm

Fine porcelain Snuff Bottle

with Figures and a poem


19th Century

H:7,1 cm




Pebble-Shaped Snuff Bottle,

Honey coloured Agate

with a carved Bat and Worm

H: 5,3 cm

Ovate Rounded Suff Bottle


depicting Two Birds in the Garden.

Seal in the bottom

H: 6,1 cm




Ovate Flattened Snuff Bottle

Glass with a Hint of  Characters

and Jardiniere

H: 6,4 cm





A Fine, inside-painted Snuff Bottle

dipicting  sailing Boats, Pavillion on the Rock,

Bambus and Characters

H: 5,4 cm




Ovate Flattened Snuff Bottle,

Inside painted,

with Fish and Flowers

5,9 cm

A Fine porcelain Snuff Bottle

Coral Color with emblems of

the Eight Immortals  and Auspicious

Symbols around a central Shou


19th Century, H: 7,1 cm


Agate  Coin Snuff Bottle

Depicting a Tree

19th Century

H: 5,5 cm

Brown Glaze  Porcelain Snuff Bottle

Round flattened shape

19th Century

H: 5,1 cm




Very fine agate, inside painted

Snuff Bottle

with Butterfly and Bambus.

Silver Stopper with a Jade drop

18th Century

H:  4,2 cm



Fine Jade Snuff Bottle

with  dark inclusions on both sides

19th Century

H: 5,1 cm

Fine Blue Glass Snuff Bottle

Inside Painted with  a landscape,

pavilion,  and f igures

19th Century

H: 6,3 cm



A Fine Honey-Brown Agate

Snuff Bottle with a silver

stopper including drops of

jade and coral

H: 5,4 cm




Christal Snuff Bottle

Carved in a form of  fish

19th Century

H: 4,4 cm

Honey coloured Agate

Snuff Bottle

Ruby-red stone stopper with silver

19th Century

H:5,8 cm




Triangular shaped Agate

Carved Snuff Bottle

depicting a Rock

19th Century

H: 6,4cm

Fine Porcelain

Snuff Bottle

with circular pattern

19th Century

H: 6,6 cm




Fine, Carved Snuff Bottle



H: 8,1 cm

Fine carved Golden Christal Snuff Bottle

Duck Shaped with a Coral lead

Middle Qing Dynasty

L: 9,1 cm

Jade Snuff Bottle, Corall Lead

Depicting Ghost Catcher

inlaid with Lapis, Corall,

Agate, Shell etc.

H: 6 cm

Animal Shaped Snuff Bottle


19th Century

L: 7,4 cm