Jade and Ivory

Man  holding  fruits

20th century
Jade cut (ca. 5cm)



Fine Figure of a Woman


Dauguang  (1821-1850)

(H:15,5 cm)






A Fine light-green Nephrite Dragon

Zhou Dynasty (1050-221 BC)

L:15 cm


A Fine light-grey Nephrite ritual Bi Disc

with two elegant dragons around the perimeter

Warring stats (221-206 BC)

H: 15 cm


A jade Tripod with one handle and lid

H:7,5 cm, D:7 cm





Figure of a man

Dàoguāng Emperor (1820–1850)
Qing dynasty
Ivory (ca. 10 cm)





Sitting Thai Buddha

Ivory, 1900

(H: 14 cm)












Happy Byddha



(4 x 5,5 cm)




Card Holder, Ivory with carved decoration in the form of cross with figures and pagodas.

China 1800’s. H: 10.7 – 11.5 cm.



Card Holder, Ivory with carved decoration.

China 1800’s. H: 10.7 – 11.5 cm



Fine Ivory Statues of 3 men

Dauguang period (1821-1850)

(H: 6 cm)




A pair of Fine Light Green Jade Birds

Guangxu period (1875-1908)

(H: 18cm)







Jade Bowl

Water bowl of cut Jade decorated

with serpentine Dragons

1800 ct,  L: 15,5 cm


Sitting Man


China 1800 ct.

H: 20,5 cm



Very Fine and Rare Jade

Snuff Bottle  with inclusions

late  18/19th Century

H: 5,9 cm





White Nephrite

Daoguang (Qing)

H: 17,2 cm





H: 22,6 cm




Fine Ink Pad

Jade, 1820

D: 5,4 cm

“Arkaisk” Jade Pendant

Song Dynasty


D: 8,3 cm

“Arkaisk” Jade Pendant

Song Dynasty  (960-1279)

Measure: 8 cm


“Arkaisk” Jade Axe

Measure: 22,7 cm x 6,9 cm


White Jade Pendant

Daoguan (1820 – 1850)

D: 5,4 cm



Bone, Republic, 1912

L: 8,5 cm


Ivory Lotus

Approx. 200 y.o.

L: 5 cm








Jade Fish

Qing Dynasty, Periode 1850-1890 (Daoguang)

Sizes From 3 to 9 cm



Ivory Figure

Double Fish

H: 5 cm







White jade Sceptre

Qing dynasty

L: 35 cm


Green Jade Sceptre

Qing Dynasty

L: 37,7 cm


Grey Jade Brushwasher

with Beasts

Middel Qing

L: 15,9 cm